The Science of Viruses: Tips for the New Normal

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Lesson Plan

The concern around viruses and our immunity is at an all time high. What is a virus? How does it function? How can we protect ourselves and others? In this webinar we’ll discuss all of this in practical language grounded in scientific research, as well as how to apply it to exercising safely and keeping those around you healthy.

After viewing the 1 hour webinar, the participant will be able to:

  • Define history and explanation of viruses.
  • Compare tricks for combating viruses for better immunity and health.
  • List tips for facilities sanitation.
  • Discuss if masks really work.
  • Review possible concerns w CO2 toxicity when exercising with masks.

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Continuing Education available for: Athletic Trainers, Doctor of Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy
Prerequisite: None Instructional Level: Intermediate Disclosure: No relevant information to disclose Content disclosure: This course does not focus on any product or service.

Course Outline: (57:12) 1 hour
What is a virus, types of viruses – 6 min
Viral Structure – 2 min
How does a virus work? – 3 min
Our Immune System – 6 min
“Viral Load” – 2 min
How can viruses spread? – 5 min
Types of masks – 6 min
Additional Tips for Immune Support – 6 min
Disinfection tips – 3 min
Masks and CO2 toxicity, wearing masks while working out – 6 min
Practical tips – 5 min Q & A – 7 min

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Course Instructor

Rob MacCuspie, PHD. Rob MacCuspie, PHD.

Rob MacCuspie, Ph.D. has the motto Make the world a better place through education, health, and the environment. “Dr. Rob” is the Founder and President of MacCuspie Innovations, the Director of Regulatory and Testing Services at NanoSafe Inc., and the VP of R&D at Folia Materials. As a leader at the interface of science and business, he has 20 years of progressive experience in government national labs (NIST, AFRL), academia, industry, and startups, including over six years at the director level or higher. Through MacCuspie Innovations, he helps companies responsibly commercialize their technologies, and develop education strategies. As an educator, Dr. Rob has given over 100 presentations, including numerous talks for CE credits. His 42 peer-reviewed publications have been cited over 3,100 times for an h-index of 30.

The Science of Viruses: Tips for the New Normal