The Science and Research Behind Creating Change

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Lesson Plan

How to Help your Clients and Patients Create New Habits and Reach their Goals. Recognizing in ourselves (and others) what needs to change…is the easy part. As a healthcare professional or fitness expert, too often, we recognize what a patient/client needs to do to improve their health and reach their goals. But having the wisdom and tools to help them make change, is the difficult part. One of the challenges is, problems are typically recognized in the emotional part of the brain, but unfortunately, change takes place in the cognitive, problem-solving part of the brain. In this webinar, Dr. Bautch, who is an expert on Human Behavior, will discuss the very latest research and applications for utilizing proven techniques, based on what the experts have learned and witnessed regarding creating new habits and changing human behavior. He will also touch on the difference between mentoring and life coaching…and discuss valuable tools such as character strengths assessments, to help better understand how to reset and grow through a persons natural strengths and tendencies. This webinar won’t just help you get better results and outcomes with your clients…it may also help YOU AND your family reach your personal goals.


  • Describe the challenges regarding change
  • Recognize the importance of goal setting and the process through which strengths and tendencies are assessed
  • Recall researched tools that can speed up the process of understanding the person you are working with
  • Develop a process around that person’s strengths and natural tendencies as the goal for improving the change process
  • List the seven procrastination styles that get in the way of implementing change

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Outline: (58 min)
Introduction – 5 min
The importance of goal setting – 15 min
Tools and resources to help patients attain their goals – 15 min
Research and coaching goals for patients – 10 min
Procrastination and reasons and how to overcome them – 13 min

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Course Instructor

Scott Bautch, DC Scott Bautch, DC

Dr. Scott Bautch is the President of the American Chiropractic Association’s Council on Occupational Health and sits on the American Chiropractic Association’s Business Development and Revenue Committee. He has also served on the International Academy of Chiropractic’s Occupational Health Board, Wisconsin Chiropractic Association’s Board of Directors, American Chiropractic Workers’ Compensation Committee and served as an advisor on the 365 ANSI Committee on Carpal Tunnel. Dr. Bautch has also co-authored the manual Industrial Carpal Tunnel Manual for Physicians and the book Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Practical Guide for Those Who Work With Their Hands.

The Science and Research Behind Creating Change