Shoulder Injuries in Rotational Sport Athletes – Dr. Lisa Thomson

Shoulder Injuries in Rotational Sport Athletes

Do you ever find yourself frustrated treating shoulder pain that doesn’t seem to be improving? Do you ever feel like you are missing something when working with a patient with a shoulder injury? If you have ever felt this way, you are not alone. Shoulder pain can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Sometimes shoulder pain is caused by dysfunction in a seemingly unrelated area of the body. In this discussion, you will get a refresher on shoulder anatomy and common shoulder injuries. You will also learn about sports-specific considerations and helpful movement assessments that are often missed. While this talk is geared toward working with rotational athletes, you will surely gain helpful knowledge in working with all patients and clients with stubborn shoulder pain.

Learning Objectives
• Review shoulder anatomy.
• List common shoulder injuries in rotational athletes.
• Considerations for when to refer out and when to treat.
• Discuss sport specific considerations.
• Analyze previous injuries considerations.
• Review important orthopedic testing for shoulder injuries.
• Discuss movement assessments and considerations.
• Specify lower body considerations and how they can impact the shoulder

* This webinar is intended for Healthcare Professionals. 

About the Presenter:

Lisa Thomson, DC

Dr. Thomson has over a decade of clinical experience and is an accomplished chiropractor, leader, speaker and businesswoman.

In addition to her successful practice, Dr. Thomson is also a board member for the California Chiropractic Association, Associate Faculty at Southern California University of Health Sciences and a writer for Help What Hurts.

As an athlete and an avid sports fan, Dr. Thomson is passionate about treating athletes and improving sports performance.  She is TPI Level 1 and Medical Level 2 certified and is also certified through OnBaseU Hitting and Pitching, Racquetfit, FMS, FCS, SFMA level 1 and 2 and Functional Medicine University.

Dr. Thomson lives in Whittier, California with her husband, Sean and her 2 kids, Joseph and Cora.  She enjoys reading, running, spending time with family and donating her time and talents to local businesses and organizations.