The #1 thing you’re already doing and not getting paid for! – Kevin Rausch, PT

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring: The #1 thing you’re already doing and not getting paid for!

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) is the monitoring of patient self-reported data including musculoskeletal health, adherence and response to home exercise, pain level and other like information. In this webinar, we will discuss how to integrate RTM effectively in your current work flow, remotely monitor patients, improve patient compliance, and learn simple steps to accurately track for efficient RTM billing. We will review how to use WebExercises to meet the requirements for RTM billing and documentation.

Our instructor stated, “This is the first time in my professional life that Medicare and Private Payers are offering to pay you more money! And the best part is, it’s so easy! So let’s take the next step and get you paid for what you’re already doing!” – Owner Perform Practice Solutions, Kevin Rausch, PT

Learning Objectives:

In this session you’ll learn how to add RTM to your practice, improving clinical outcomes and increasing your billings.

1. Define RTM and RTM Episodes.
2. Review who can bill for RTM.
3. Discuss how many codes you can bill per month and what that pays.
4. Understand the tools provided by WebExercises to ensure efficient RTM Billing.
5. Review who pays for RTM Codes (Medicare, Aetna, UHC, and more to come).

* This webinar is intended for Healthcare Professionals. 

About the Presenter:

Kevin Rausch, PT

Kevin is a 21-year PT who owns multiple practices in Southern California. In 2016 Kevin officially stopped treating patients to focus on giving back to Allied Health Professions through his company Perform Practice Solutions. Perform Practice Solutions optimizes the back ends of your practice so you can focus on the forward-facing client treatment and business development.

RauschPT multi-site PT practices based in Southern California: Sports, Ortho, Pelvic Therapies

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