Diaphragm Training for Lumbar / Pelvic Alignment and Stability Dr. Robert “Skip” George

Breathing is a hot topic in rehab and performance. Have you ever considered the diaphragm as a primary driver of pelvis position and alignment? The diaphragm is asymmetrical and has two “attitudes”, left and right side, with one being more biased for respiration and one more biased for stabilization. Knowing how to balance both sides of the diaphragm via respiration and positional techniques for a balanced pelvic position and alignment is critical for the 21st century rehab and performance professional.

Learning objectives:
– Describe the asymmetrical anatomy of the left and right hemi-diaphragms.
– Discuss how the shape and position of the diaphragm drives lumbo-pelvic position.
– Discuss the breathing cycle and how full exhalation is a key component to alignment and achieving a neutrally positionedpelvis
– Discuss how the diaphragm affects the gait cycle
– Define specific tests to determine pelvis position
– Provide descriptions of non-manual techniques to achieve balanced pelvic position, alignment and posture.

* This webinar is intended for Healthcare Professionals. 

About the Presenter:
Robert George D.C., CCSP, CSCS, PRC  


Robert “Skip” George, D.C., CCSP, CSCS, PRC has been practicing chiropractic since 1980.  Over the years his practice approach expanded to integrate chiropractic, rehabilitation and sports performance training into a community based wellness care model.  He has certifications in rehabilitation, functional movement, strength and conditioning as well as a strong focus on the diaphragm and breathing. 

Over the course of his career he has treated a wide variety of patients including grade school to college level athletes.  He has also treated and provided performance training to professional athletes, elite military personal as well as aging weekend warriors that want to stay vital and continue to function at the highest level. 

Dr. George was the first chiropractor to become aPostural Restoration Certified (PRC) practitioner by the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) in 2014.  He then had the honor to be invited to become a faculty member for PRI in 2015. He currently presents PRIcourse work nationally as well as internationally.  Dr. George practiced in La Jolla, CA until 2021 when he then moved to North Logan, Utah to continue privatepractice, mentor other health professionals and teach for PRI.  In addition, his motivation to move to Utah was to pursue his passion for the outdoors and photography of nature and wildlife.